The team behind twICEme are former military and security professionals with many years of experience from related operations all over the world. Early on we saw the need for a smart, simple and user friendly identification system to be used in emergency situations wherever and whenever required.


From our practical and caring point of view it is an obvious possibility and responsibility to offer a solution that contributes to saving lives in medical emergency situations.

We are considerate and helpful in our DNA which has been essential and guiding in the creation of the twICEme  concept. Our background and experience is a warranty in our mission to help saving lives.

'The golden hour' i.e. actions taken within the first hour after an accident, could mean the difference between life and death and is therefore the core of the twICEme concept.

Our vision is to make the twICEme concept a natural choice globally for producers of equipment and garment, for medical personnel and of course for the end user, the adventurer.