With twICEme, a personal profile is created and uploaded to an everlasting NFC Medical ID tag that has been integrated into clothing and equipment by brands that care about their customers' safety.


The Concept

The concept for twICEme is developed to help saving lives. It is made for all of us that care for our own and our loved ones safety. 

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Golden hour

There is a window of time immediately following traumatic injury called "the golden hour", it is central to the concept of twICEme. 

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Do you have equipment or clothing with twICEme integrated? Download our app from App Store och Google Play. 

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About US

The team behind twICEme are former military and security professionals with many years of experience from related operations all over the world. Early on we saw the need for a smart, simple and user friendly identification system to be used in emergency situations wherever and whenever required.

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Become a Partner

twICEme is a Medical ID-tag that stores personal information about the carrier. It can be integrated into any product. Get in touch and we will tell you all about it.

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