With twICEme the user and the user alone owns, controls and is responsible for the uploaded information.


Simplicity and privacy

In a world where private and personal information increasingly is being misused, twICEme early on to take a clear standpoint – the user and only the user, owns, controls and is responsible for the uploaded information.

Medical ID information is private, hence with twICEme it is not technically possible for us to store any information about the user – it is always and only in the hands of the user.

twICEme care about safety for you and your personal data.

  • The NFC memory chip does not contain a battery (unlimited lifetime).

  • When the NFC memory chip is loaded with information by the user, it can be read at anytime anywhere. It does not require a GSM, 3/4/5G or Wi-Fi connection.

  • The information is only stored locally in the memory chip i.e. no cloud service involved.

  • The information can be updated and changed by the user with the free twICEme application. The user just tap and hold still over the tag during read/write mode.

  • In an emergency situation the twICEme application is not required. To read it place the NFC enabled smartphone over the twICEme NFC symbol on the clothing or equipment.