The concept is developed to help saving lives. It is made for all of us who care for our own and our loved ones safety.


The Concept

The concept constitutes an interplay of aggregated benefits and rests on what we call the positive circle. The positive circle points out the value twICEme has for brand owners, medical personnel and in the end, the user. It is the interplay of the entities that is the key, together they become beneficial.


twICEme makes products intelligent and shows that the producer care about their customers safety.



Watch the clip and see how twICEme - NFC Medical ID works.

  • twICEme make products intelligent and show that brand owners care about their customers safety.

  • twICEme will aid rescue workers, doctors and anyone first on site to access information about the user within seconds. This could make the difference between life and death during 'The golden Hour'.

  • By wearing a helmet, garment or equipment with twICEme the user take a stand and responsibility for safety.